Terms and Conditions

3rd Party Sites

This website promotes my art and design through displaying my product listings from other sites. In using this site you understand that I do not have any responsibility for the behaviour of those 3rd party sites. And cannot be responsible for late deliveries or the quality of the products they provide.

Royalties and Commission

When you click on a link you will be taken to the site where the product is sold, and if you make a purchase I will make a royalty. In addition, whether buying my products or buying another product from the site, I will make a commission. In either case there is no extra cost to you.


I am not currently collecting email addresses or information about users. I can see website activity through analytics, however people’s identities are not shown. Only generic information can be seen and this information is only used to make improvements to the website and to find out which products are popular.


I am a designer and I value my work and effort very highly in creating this site and the products therein.
So please do not

  • Re-purpose my design work, or steal images or text for other projects or sites.
  • Use material from this site e.g. for malicious purposes, including but not limited to sexually explicit or defamatory use.
  • Reverse engineer the site.
  • Hack the site.
  • Or any combination of the above.


In using this site you agree to the above