New Coven Cat Club Collection

Creepy Cute Coven Cat Club Black Gothic Crosses and Pentagrams Waist Bag


This Waist Bag has both a modern design but also a retro twist, with the mid century modern style halftone dots. Ideal for any Goth Girl who loves Kitty Cats and a bit of Vintage.

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Sporty 70s Retro Black and White Sports Goth Coven Cat Club Pencil Skirt


This is a very sporty looking number for your Gothic wardrobe. It’s got pentagrams, white cats and the Coven Cat logo. This skirt is set off with 70s car-detail style “go-faster” stripes.

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70s Retro Creepy Cute Black Sports Goth Coven Cat Club Backpack with Pentagrams


Deceptively cute but with that creepy feeling that your are looking at something witchy, this Coven Cat Club backpack definitely does the trick.

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